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Chapter XLXII – Smoke+Mirrors/Violet


A sudden heavy sensation forcefully invaded my mind and my body began to weigh a ton.  The sudden surge of emotions echoed through the darkness, reverberating through each of us.

Followed by a familiar scream of anguish and defeat.

"...I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound good.  Hey, multicolored-eye Lucario.  Are you feeling okay?"  Shaymin asked, as I collapsed onto my knees.

Everyone else heard the scream, but only I could feel the heavy aura, and my body responded greatly to it.  I began to feel ill, as that same scream seemed to echo throughout my head.

"Hey, I know that look.  Seraph, did you feel something?  Because... that sounded like Amaya."  Nero said, helping me up.

"Yeah... It was her.  Except... She suddenly went silent after that.  Before, even though we were in a different dimension, I could still feel her aura even from here..." I gasped.

"That's impressive!  So, what, is she alright?"  Shaymin asked.

"...I don't know.  I suddenly lost whatever little contact I had with her aura just now.  Her emotions were boiling up, and now... I think the worst has happened."  I said, looking away from everyone.

"...It was stupid for us to even try and follow to begin with.  Can't believe we couldn't keep our eye on those two.  Now they've gone and screwed everything up."  Shaymin said, her voice starting to get angrier in tone as the sentence progressed.

"Is there anything we could do from here?!"  Karen suddenly shouted, as she continued to look down the endless hallway.  "They're probably dying right now, and we're fucking stuck here!"

"Should have thought of that BEFORE letting Hunter out of your sight.  Even we Legends have our own personal agendas you know..."  Shaymin trailed off, getting a little impatient herself.

"Enough, both of you.  I've fallen ill all of a sudden, and your incessant whining isn't making things move along."  I growled, as I brushed past Nero.

I fear for their situation.  Already, I feel a heavy darkness emanating from somewhere beyond our dimension, seeking to devour every source of light it sees.

"...I think there's a chance we could get out of here.  Omniel is just like these Angels, so he should be able to break us out of their dimension.  I'm usually a man of science and reason, but its our only shot."  Nero said, as he grabbed onto my shoulder.

"...It might be too soon.  Omniel hasn't fully recuperated since the fight against Matariel.  ...But it'll be enough to possibly get us out of here."  I nodded.

"Should have thought of that earlier."  Shaymin mumbled.

"From his power before, I don't think we would've broken out.  Plus, we're trying to store up energy for the fight ahead.  If we just transform only to find out we can't get out..."  I trailed off, as Shaymin was aware of the consequences.

Right.  Omniel, let's do this.  Let your light guide us through this immense shadow.

And let me see the children lost in the darkness, and cleanse them with your healing light.


"Perrit, casualty report."  I sighed, as I wiped the blood off Tsubaki's blade.

Its been a while since she drew blood like this.  This blood comes from the corpses that have been recently killed, now reanimated with the intent to kill.  Tsubaki's brilliant white coat was now stained a nasty red, and she hated it.

"I can't do a damn headcount right now!  We're scattered all over the place, but I can tell you that half of our forces have been badly injured.  Perhaps a handful of us didn't make it."  Perrit groaned, as he jumped off his Rapidash, "Poor girl, we're not as young as we used to..."

Perrit usually tries to change the subject whenever it is about the death of his fellow soldiers.  Being as aged as he was, he's had his fair share of fighting in his years.  However, I can bet you he never anticipated fighting Cipher again, only corrupted by their own research.

Fighting and disabling these... poor people are what made me realize we aren't dealing with anything of this world.  No, I found that out a long time ago.  That Angel, Bardiel, was what woke me up to understand that.

Monsters straight out of nightmares.  Using human and Pokemon lives as their pawns.

"Karen and the others made it in.  Knowing them, I'm sure they'll get Hunter safely out, no problem."  Lando said, stumbling over to our direction.

His right arm hung limply, now completely useless since the shock absorbers of his Power Fist were damaged.  That hasn't stopped him from taking out several of those creatures however.

Axis, with his Ninetales Lambda, finally arrived with a group of battered men and women with their Pokemon.  Many wore faces of absolute terror and defeat.

"Something's wrong.  Those wavelengths are getting stronger all of a sudden..."  Axis said, as he looked into his handheld device.  "What's going on-"

A loud crash, like thunder, echoed out of the blob of darkness that hung at the tip of Citadark Isle.  The clouds above began to grow a deep black color, that no longer gave a purple hue to light up the area.  Instead, a heavy darkness descended upon all of us, forcing us to rely on any source of light we had on us.

I activated my shoulder mounted flashlight, illuminating a frightened Tsubaki.  Suddenly, the air was filled with the panicked sounds of several Pokemon.

"What's happening?!"  I asked.

"The wavelengths have gotten much more powerful!  The phenomena taking place above us isn't something weather related, but a dimensional flux that absorbs all the light from the atmosphere!"  Axis explained.

And the Pokemon are frightened, feeling the disturbance in nature and panicking.  I could no longer see the Legends above our heads, but I can hear their roars attempting to converse with each other.

When the darkness descended, I began to hear an irritating ringing in my head, possibly from the increased wavelengths.  Looking at several of the other soldiers, I know they heard it too, and the Pokemon probably are much more sensitive to it than humans.

Another loud crash, only this time much louder than before and made several of us jump in fright.  And right after, a voice that rang out.

"Matariel!  You are to be assimilated into us once again!  Do not struggle, or this process would be much more excruciating than you can possibly imagine!"

The voice rang into each of our heads.  Like telepathy, something that each of the Angels were able to do.

The air grew cold, and the sky rumbled angrily.  Tsubaki was getting extremely unnerved and began to look up at the sky, as if she saw something move up there.

Through the heavy darkness, I saw it as well.  A long, large red tendril rising from the volcano and suddenly extending toward the shore at a great speed.

"Do we have any personnel on the shore?!"  I asked.  "Radio in what we're seeing!"

The thing that rose out and lunged through the darkness had a dark intent.  As if it was hungry and looking for something to devour.


"What the hell is going on over there?"  I asked, looking over my shoulder as I kept my hold on Matariel.

Something just rose out of the cloud of darkness that hung over Citadark Isle, and a voice echoed out to us.  More specifically, Matariel.

"Armisael has grown impatient, it seems.  Do not worry.  All of you will be experiencing the darkness soon enough."  Matariel giggled, as she looked up at me.

"Don't you dare speak to me, filth."  I growled, looking back at her.

"If I were you... I'd take about two steps to the left.  He's hungry."  Matariel sighed.

The other Legends began to shout in protest, looking directly behind me at something approaching.  I quickly responded, but had to let go of my grip against the field I had set up around Matariel.

A red tendril grazed past me and had no trouble breaking through the Reth'Rheya everyone had set up, forcing the entire thing to collapse in on itself and several of the Legends to fly backward because of the shockwave.

That familiar laughter filled the air and as Armisael grabbed hold of his prey and began to drain the essence of Matariel into itself.  She struggled, as her insane bouts of laughter began to change into screams in pain as the life began to leave her eyes.

"...Everything will be swallowed up in darkness.  The being that will appear before everyone is unlike any you have ever seen!  Before the world was created, there was nothing but darkness!"  Matariel cackled.

"We are here to revert it back to that time!  Using your own hatred and despair!"

At that point, Matariel's host began to shrivel and disintegrate as the tendril detached itself from her abdomen.  It went as quickly as it had arrived, returning to the dark cloud that has already reached the shore.

Complete darkness rolled over our heads and a painful ringing noise entered our ears.

I am known to usually have keen senses, being able to detect life forms in my vicinity.

But this darkness was unlike any I've ever encountered.  It rendered my eyes useless, clouded my mind, and brought forth emotions that I have long ago buried.

"...Mewtwo... Mewtwo, where are you?  I'm sure you're seeing what I'm seeing, right?  A whole lot of nothing."  Giratina said, as his voice rang in my head.

"...I can't even sense the Angels anymore.  Nor that dimensional abnormality in Citadark Isle.  Everything has gotten quiet.  ...Except these feelings in my head.  I'm sure you're feeling them too."  I responded.

A shimmering flare suddenly lit up everyone as it landed onto the ground, and everyone gathered to the Sacred Flare that Ho-Oh generated.

Even with the powerful light of a Legend, it barely illuminated anything around us.  Everything began to grow cold, as the Legends gathered.

The sound of a powerful thunder echoed throughout the area, causing many of us to grow paranoid.

"...Latios..."  Latias mumbled, as she flew up next to me.  "He's with Giratina and the others who went to that island."

"...Don't lose hope.  I'm sure this is what the darkness wants us to do."  I said.

I treated this darkness as a sentient entity.  Nay, it wasn't just that.  It was like a monster, waiting for its prey to falter and despair, so it could overtake them.

The only thing keeping everyone from such insanity was the flame of Ho-Oh at the moment.  And even then, it looked as though it was threatening to extinguish it.

"Everyone.  We have to get to that island.  Ho-Oh, if you will, fly next to me as I lead the way.  I can follow Giratina's thoughts and at least rendezvous with them instead of merely waiting in the dark."  I ordered.

Ho-Oh's body lit up in a powerful flame, whose shine would normally blind a person but faltered weakly in this atmosphere.  I began to fly toward the last trace of where Giratina's voice came from, and led everyone over the cold and unmoving waters.

I've been through hell and back in my past.  Right now, this darkness is trying to bring Hell on Earth, and we have to prevent that.

...Ideally, I never viewed Hell as a world of flame and demons.

But a world of never-ending darkness, where you can think about nothing but your regrets.

And I have a lot of regrets.


Hush now, little Amaya.  You can rest now.  Sleep, knowing that you failed everyone.

I see him now.  Adam is standing over that boy, motionless and bleeding.

Red.  Just like everything else here.  I'm greatly satisfied by his actions, but now I must paint Adam red.

Before Amaya disappeared into the back of my mind, she released a lot of anger, sadness, and defeat all at once.  All those emotions are delicious to the taste, and fuel my strength.  With a sinister smile, I looked at Adam, who didn't look too glad to see me.

"...The idea is for the two of us to continue the ritual.  Not tear each other apart."  Adam scoffed.

I ignored his words, and moved like a blur to him, appearing in front of him and grabbing him by his neck.  I lifted him up easily, and began to cut off his air, hearing satisfying cracking noises while I strengthened my grip.

"N-no, you're hurting him...!"

He's no longer there.  Accept it, and let me do the rest.

Adam coughed out blood onto my face, as he tried to use his own strength to break my grip to no avail.

The blood on me merely merged with the blood of that other human Tabris possessed.  Speaking of him, I no longer feel his presence.  My brothers must have disposed of him.

Come to think of it, I no longer feel them anymore.  No, just one big ugly mess of them, all rolled up into one.

Looks like Armisael is getting impatient.  He's going to come after Adam and me soon.

I shouldn't be calling our dear brother "Armisael" anymore.  His form cannot be held in a host anymore, not even that Legend can hold him in.

Once I sink my teeth into Adam and eat him, I'll go and deal with that thing myself.

I'm hungry.

I began to draw his neck closer to my lips.  However, his legs quickly kicked downward at my chest, causing me to fall backward and loosening my grip against his neck.

He took this chance to unsheathe his claws and slashed downward, digging his claws into the same area he kicked to add to the pain I was already feeling.

He's afraid.  I can feel it.

I took his arm and made it collapse inward at the joint, making another satisfying sound of his bones cracking.  He growled in pain, immediately jumping off and away from me, allowing me to slowly get back up.

Along with fear, I can sense immense frustration.

"Why?!  Why isn't he letting go?!  He just saw his friend die in front of him!  So why can I still hear him?!"  Adam growled.

"How pathetic.  After all this time, you can't get a hold of your host."  I giggled, licking the fresh crimson blood that surrounded my mouth.

"What's the point then?  Ammy is already going against everything I told him to do-"

"You really thought you had control over him?  Give me a break."  I interrupted, "He only divided us because he needed a host to be able to get into.  And he needed you because he was hoping not to have to relinquish his hold on Arceus at the risk of having him intervene."

"None of you were able to ever escape from his grasp.  We are all just a part of him.  Though, he never could get a leash on me."  I said, smiling at his distraught face.

His helpless look is just so delicious.  Reminds me of Amaya.

You've come a long way than just being a lab rat to some scientists' experiments.  Ardos, was it?  If only he knew what kind of creatures he awoke because of his greed.

"He's dead.  He's right there, dead!  Damn it you idiot, can't you see I killed your friend?!"  Adam screamed, as he approached the dead boy.

If only he knew.  If only Amaya knew.

"Enough.  I want to have a snack before I take on whatever the hell Armisael calls himself now."  I said.  "Bye bye Adam.  I never did like you.  None of you."

But then the unexpected happened.  Adam himself, charged right at me, claws and fangs bared.  With a look of insane anger.

His fear suddenly disappeared, and I was pleased by his aggressive change.  Its so very easy to manipulate the emotions of others.

However, I didn't expect his attacks to be backed by such power.  He threw a palm into my stomach, feeling my very insides feel as though they were being smashed apart.  The impact caused me to fly back, having to quickly recover to prepare for his next onslaught of attacks.

His palms were aglow with a sinister black aura, that when making contact on my flesh, began to deteriorate it before my eyes.

This explains the level of decomposition on those puppets out there.

If I remember correctly, that host had a special ability to heal tissue and wounds.  Because of Adam, he has corrupted that ability to make it do the opposite.  How delicious can irony get...?

Using my own aura, I canceled out his before it could do any more damage, but his continued flurry of slashes and bites made it difficult to concentrate.

I just have to wait.  He will leave himself open, and from there, I shall strike.  I better hurry.

My illusion cannot hold on much longer.  ...However, I find it curious how his host still continues to hold onto himself.  Maybe...

Can he see through my trickery?  If so, this is all the more reason... Why I must kill Adam now.

Amaya herself is slowly regressing to the point where I can devour her whole.  Her mind slowly relinquishing its grip on life... giving me strength.

Before I knew it, I began to see every attack of his and successfully counter it.  His hold on his host is making him grow wearier by the second, making him much more predictable.  In due time, I was able to land my claws into his flesh, making him become the one stepping backward.

In one more final attempt, he made a lunge for my neck using his fangs.  However, I was much too quick for him, sidestepping and preparing my teeth to sink into his neck.

"It's over."  I smiled, as I hugged him tightly from behind, purposely forcing my chest spike to penetrate his back.  He let out a pained howl of pain, but was silenced as I bit deeply into the side of his neck, lapping at the blood that started to come out.

"A-Amaya...  No, don't do it... Hunter, he's still alive!  You're being fooled!"  The host named Lucas said suddenly.

Damn it.

My teeth suddenly relinquished his neck, against my command...  I began to collapse onto my knees, against my command.  The sting of tears began to flow onto my eyes despite not feeling sad at all, against my command!

Through my blurry vision, I looked up to see Adam (?) coughing and recovering from the attack.  But when he turned, his eyes weren't the black pupils and red irises he wore once.

They were normal.  At least, one of them reverted to normal.  From that eye, tears were forming as a distraught Adam (?) looked down at me.

"Damn it... I thought you weren't going to find out anytime soon... I would've punched you in the face again if it weren't for the pain I'm feeling right now..."  Hunter said, as my illusion began to fade.  He lay motionless on the ground, but I can still sense his breathing.

He was still critically injured, but alive.  Something I hoped that Amaya wouldn't find out.

"N-no!  I won't let you!"  He shouted, as he grasped his head.  With a final loud scream, his eyes reverted to the familiar shade of the Angel's and looked back down at me.

"You're going to pay for tricking us like that.  Looks like you can't get a hold of your host anymore either.  Who's pathetic now?"  Adam asked, as he raised his claws up.

Stupid girl!  Let me take over your body!  You're all doomed anyway!  You all have no chance of stopping what is about to come!

Stop fighting and give up!  You can't save him, you can't save anyone!  You'll just get both of us killed!


"No.  He needs me."

The next second, I no longer felt anything.  Instead...

I watched my host from the outside, as I floated away into the darkness.

She has successfully repelled me, and Armisael is already dragging me into him.  I fought and fought, but his hunger kept pulling me in.  There was nowhere to run this time.

I turned my gaze back to my host, who was about to take the brunt of a fatal blow from Adam.

From that moment on, my world began to fade.  The world where delicious flesh and blood awaited my claws.  Instead of red, I saw nothing but black.

"Embodiment of rage, Lilith has finally arrived to join us.  You have evaded our grasp for far too long.  You, along with Adam, will return to us and continue our progress to deplete the world of light."  A voice spoke.

"You cannot escape this time.  Now, become one with us.  The less you struggle, the less painful this will be."


Do it.  Do it now.

I brought down my claws, aiming to slice into her head.

But a quick movement came from that Lucario.  Her left arm rose up, took in my attack embedded in dark aura and began to fight against my strength.

Despite the sure amount of pain... She never uttered a word.

Something was wrong.  I can no longer feel Lilith anymore.  Its like she was pulled away from existence all of a sudden...

Then who is this female that stands before me?  Why is she so strong without Lilith controlling her?

Blood began to trickle down from her wound, but my aura didn't have any effect on her flesh.  Her purple fur began to transform into a completely different color than before.  Instead of that purple color of the Angels...

It was a pure blue color, stained red with blood.  Her gaze finally roze up to meet mine.

Violet irises.  A powerful violet looked deeply into my eyes, not with anger, sadness or anything like that.

An emotion started back at me... something I cannot begin to comprehend.

Shocked by this, I quickly stepped back, looking at this new enemy that stood before me.

"...Amaya, is that... you?"  Hunter's raspy breath asked, as he looked in our direction.

"...Don't talk Hunter.  You're hurt.  Once I save Lucas, he'll use his abilities to help you."  Amaya said, looking toward his direction.

I felt my blood boil, hating the tone of hope that carried in her voice.

"...You can't save him!  What the hell can you do?!  I'm in control here!  Me!  He's a part of me!  You can't separate us!"  I shouted, as I began to charge directly at her.

She cannot injure him, even when I'm clearly the one in control.  I'll take this to my advantage, and kill her.  Then kill Hunter.

Even with Armisael looking to have me assimilated, I want to at least have this one kill.

This has gotten personal.  They will not make a fool of me!

I jumped upward, using all the strength possible to try and crush her with my palms.  Wanting to see the fear in her eyes as she sees the one she cares about going in for the kill.

Her eyes were unfaltering.  They only continued to stare back into my own.  No... she wasn't paying attention to me.

Its as if her gaze pierced through me and looked directly at the one inside of me.  Lucas.

"I'm sorry for this, Lucas.  But bear with it.  I will get you out of there."  Amaya smiled, as she took a fighting stance and struck my chest before I can land my own attack on her.

Her counter knocked me onto my back, forcing the air out of my lungs.  I looked back up at her, who merely stood in that same stance, calm and calculating.

I got up, and laughed, "That didn't do a thing!  You're just delaying the inevitable!  I'll rip you all apart-"

A heartbeat.  And my gaze began to shake, as I felt Lucas suddenly fight through to gain control.

I fought back, successfully regaining control over my body once again.

What the hell caused that?!  That hit she landed on me... not only did it hurt my physical body...

...But my essence.  My grip him... it began to sever.  How...?

"Her aura is piercing you directly.  You can feel it, huh?  She is using her emotions to make your hold on me unstable."

That can't be true!  She can't have such a power!

I looked back at her.  A warm smile, longing eyes, but a fierce determination radiated from her.

It made me sick.  It made me want to rip a hole in her face.

"You don't have the upperhand!  Everything you know and love will be destroyed any moment right now!  Why are you smiling?!  Why are you hopeful?!  WHY DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN?!"  I shouted.

"I don't care if I have won or lost.  I don't care if the world is going to end any second.  I've come a long way to get here, fighting the darkness and that monster inside me.  And I'm going to continue to fight, even when time and space no longer exist... so I can be with Lucas."  Amaya answered.

"Do you realize how stupid you sound?!  You're mortal!  You're nothing but a soul waiting to extinguish into the darkness!"  I exclaimed, charging forward once again.  "To hell with you all!"

Her violet aura began to flare back to life, engulfing her palms as she prepared herself.

The fact remains that she can no longer regenerate herself.  With Lilith gone, she can simply die.

I slashed savagely, only seeing a her, a sole colored figure, in my world of crimson.  As I continued forward, she began to take more and more hits from me, spilling blood from her new wounds.  This excited me further, and forced her to move backward as I proceeded.

"Stop it!"

My arms suddenly froze, with claws retreating and hanging limply at my sides.  Lucas has gotten control of them, and gave Amaya a window of opportunity to strike at me.

"Lucas.  Remember?  That night when you shared those gummy worms with me?"  Amaya asked, as she struck a powerful blow to my chest once again.

I slid backward, feeling my grip on Lucas slipping.  I gripped tightly, and regained control once again.  My arms, however, still failed to respond.

"Yeah.  You liked the blue and red ones, right?  Those are my favorite."  I (?) responded.

That wasn't me talking.  What is she doing to me?!

"When this is all over, you owe me a big bag of them for saving you."  Amaya smiled, as she landed yet another powerful palm strike into me.

This attack was much more powerful than the last.  It knocked me onto my back.  I tried to get up, but my arms wouldn't allow me.  Even my legs failed to respond.

"Yeah.  I'll save all the red and blue ones for you.  Hunter can take the nasty clear ones."  I (?) laughed.

She stood over me, her palms glowing brightly with that wretched violet aura that is making me lose control of my host.

"Why are you so strong?!  What the hell kind of emotion can fight through the darkest of despair?!  Answer me, you fucking dog!"  I shouted.

"...Isn't it obvious?"  Amaya responded, as her eyes began to get watery.

Was she sad?  Was she feeling despair?  That is the only reason why humans and Pokemon cried.  I've seen their tears before I extinguished their life.  I heard their screams as my claws ripped them to shreds.

But this.  Why isn't she in despair, but crying at the same time?

"You're pretty stupid.  The concept of happiness, love, and hope are all foreign to you, isn't it?"

I stood staring straight at Lucas, in a world of white.  My world of red has suddenly turned into this disgusting color, and all I could see in it was that damn Lucario.

I looked down at myself, just a formless entity of shadows.

"This is goodbye.  You've made me do things that I would never normally do.  For that, you will pay when we come after you and the rest of your siblings."

You don't stand a chance of all of us combined.  I will lose my identity, but I will at least be a part of something much stronger.  Capable of wiping out your damn feelings you call love and happiness.

"No such thing as shadow or darkness without light, right?  But its pointless talking to you.  You're no longer going to be a part of me.

So fuck you."

Lucas disappeared before me, and I returned to reality.  As if time itself was slowing down, I watched her palm strike my chest one final time before I suddenly was forced out of my body.

"Adam.  Your ability will be assimilated into us.  With you in our ranks, we will be able to blot out even the strongest of light.  However.  I will make this process as painful as possible.

Lilith's screams were very pleasant to us.  I certainly hope yours will be too."


"Lucas?  Lucas!  Lucas, are you alright?!"  I asked, shaking him.  He began to stir, as his fur began to return to the normal coloration.

His eyes opened up slowly, revealing his powerful ruby red eyes I have fallen in love with a long time ago.

He smiled, placed a hand against the side of my head and said:

"...You have the most beautiful eyes."
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Ch. XLXII - Smoke + Mirrors/Violet

Finally. Another chapter. However. I'm starting to have some serious doubts at the final stretch.

But that's where you all come in. How's it going so far? :meow:

I was going to separate these events into two chapters, but I think its been dragging on long enough. Expect the story to end in probably another two to three chapters if I keep cramming like this. :P

I don't know. Maybe it was a tad anti-climatic. :(

At this point, things are about to turn very frantic as they fight against the formless entity of negative emotions.

...Which is what I also need help with you about. What should I name this entity? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :meow:

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no my good sir I can ONLY think of Heaven shaking event to fit this, and unless the songs you are talking about have to do with anime xD I don't think I can picture it.
PrimeHunter01 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student Writer
Haha, well, I'm not going to do anything like that. Plus, if you knew my stance on religious beliefs (believe it or not, but I'm an Atheist), I won't have something as lame as that happen. :dummy:

I'm sure I can find something. Shiro Sagisu and Yuki Kajiura are very famous for their music works in anime. :meow:
Aerospine Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Lol religion? Where did that come from? Lol something with epicness.
KiroKarp Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
A very vivid chapter, this one. The past several, really.

But for whatever reason, thinking of everything compacting together into a singularity as the cold darkness has some strange beauty to it, too. For the sake of our worn heroes, let's hope that won't happen.
hawktakesflight Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Alright, I've read through this before, but it appears that I didn't leave a comment earlier.
Well, while I was expecting the remaining Angels to grow stronger, the sudden addition of Armisael (?) as an odd third party to the Adam-Lilith duel was interesting. I don't know if this was how Evangelion (or whichever series you draw a lot of inspiration from) did it, but it was refreshing after a very focused Amaya vs. Adam plotline. Nothing wrong with that, you get me, but this jumbled up the order a little, keeps the readers on their toes.

Gotta admit that the whole part about the emotions and things was a little cheesy but I think you pulled it off adequately well. And hooray, finally, we get to see Lucas. The bringback to the gummy bears was a nice touch, reminded me of the earlier parts of the story (which seem so far away now...)

Well then. I won't give any name suggestions, but all the best for the remaining chapters! The tension rachets up...

yellowfire7 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:dance: Aaand, Lucas is back! Just in time for the apocalypse! Armisael quite obviously doesn't care about whatever role Adam and Lilith might have played. I thought for a while there that Armisael might unintentionally help them out by pulling on Adam and Lilith in his attempt to absorb all the angels, but it looks like they were able to expel them all on their own and Armisael simply snatched them up as they went out.

Going with your theme, Abaddon might be a good name.
PrimeHunter01 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student Writer
Yupperz, Lucas is back for the fireworks (or lack thereof). :meow:

Hmm, Abaddon? Care to put some background info on it? I've looked through names of Angels before, but that one doesn't quite pop up in my memory.

(Thanks for reading. :heart: )
yellowfire7 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Abaddon means Destruction. Abaddon is a place of destruction in the Jewish afterlife, alongside or as a part of Sheol, and in Revelations, Abaddon is the name of the angel that comes out of the abyss and rules over a swarm of locusts. It is also called Apollyon.
PrimeHunter01 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Student Writer
I must say, this name for the entity is very tempting to use. Not to mention it follows the theme of Jewish/Hebrew names I've been using up until now. :meow:

Thanks! This just might be a good name for it. =D
yellowfire7 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, so that's it. I knew you were using the names of angels, and some of them were Hebrew, but I wasn't sure if they were exclusively Hebrew.

No problem!
Rubixa-Seraph Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"I'm sure you're seeing what I'm seeing, right? A whole lot of nothing"


Nice ending line, by the way. :XD:

I wish I have much more to say, but as usual, I'm crunched on time and can't read with better attention to details right now. But I liked what you've done so far.
PrimeHunter01 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student Writer
Always did plan for Giratina to be a sort of comic relief to the story. :meow:

I tried for Amaya's eye color to be something unique, and powerful since this is the first time anyone can see them for the first time. Since she has been wearing the black pupil/red iris combination up until now.

Thanks for taking the time to read as usual, Ruby. I know you're really busy nowadays. :ohnoes:
Rubixa-Seraph Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL No problem!
MoonlitRose20 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Wonderful, just wonderful ^_^
PrimeHunter01 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks Amaya. :meow:

Was a little iffy about this one though. We'll see what kind of feedback I get though. ^^;
MoonlitRose20 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012
Don't worry ^_^
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